We don't advertise the Gluten Free craft beer we stock as GF unless it is clearly labelled as 'Gluten Free' on the bottle/can. We know some breweries say they brew to a Gluten Free recipe but as it hasn't been certified we don't advertise those beers as GF.

A can of gluten free craft beer with GF displayed on the label

There are currently two ways to create Gluten Free beer. The first is to use a malt from naturally Gluten Free cereals or pseudocereals such as sorghum, millet, buckwheat, rice, quinoa or maize. These beers often have slightly different aromas and flavours to regular beer.

The second method is to produce a craft beer in the usual way using malt from wheat, barley or rye and then introduce a process to reduce the Gluten content so that it complies with the Law and contains 20 ppm or less of Gluten. One way of doing this is to use an enzyme at the start of the fermentation process to break down the Gluten protein.

Brewers Clarex is an enzyme that is added during the brewing process which degrades the Gluten to levels below the 20 ppm threshold so it can be labelled Gluten Free. As this type of beer has been made from malt containing Gluten, by Law the labelling must also state e.g. 'contains barley'. This allows people to identify Gluten Free beers made from wheat, barley or rye from Gluten Free beers made from naturally Gluten Free cereals or pseudocereals.

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